Use Authority Sites For Maximum Benefit!

With LetVidimaze PRO Features

With LetVidimaze Pro, you can use premium content from websites like TIME, CNN, Fox, Yahoo, The NY Times, or any other authority site and overlay your video onto their site! You use their content, but your links!

Just google any article that relates to your product and grab one of the top ranked authority sites to put your LetVidimaze Video on top. And the best thing is that you already know the article gets a lot of traffic based on its google ranking, right!

Get Traffic From Facebook / G+ / Twitter / Linkedin & Pinterest

With A Single Link!

LetVidimaze Pro will produce a link that you can post to your favorite social media site instantly and see your traffic surge!

Multiply Your Results With Less Efforts!

We Just made it Easier To multiply success!

Create a single video, grab your affiliate link and send people straight to the seller's sales page, running YOUR video on top of their page. That's it! Just cut your workload in half and send more people to the offer, and get more sales in the process. It literally takes you only a couple of seconds. Simply lay in your video, setup your buttons, copy and paste a link and you are done!


With A Single Link!

With LetVidimaze Pro today, you will also be able to use optin forms, from right inside your LetVidimaze box, and integrate it with your favorite autoresponder, so you can see your list grow with autopilot!

Smart Interactive Vidimaze Sizing Technology!

Use Your Videos To Keep Viewers Engaged!

LetVidimaze PRO allows you to run your videos while your visitor scrolls down and continue to show your video within the LetVidimaze Smart Video Scroll box.

LetVidimaze Hover-Over Technology!

Play Sound Only When Mouse Is On The Video!

LetVidimaze Pro comes with our special “Hover Over Technology” that will allow you to play videos to your visitor and only play sound as long as their mouse hovers over the video screen, keeping that much needed attention on your call to action. Get up to a 43% increase in conversions with this SINGLE feature!

Analyse Your Campaigns With Detailed Reports!

Scan through meaningful insights & data shown by Geographical Location, Platform, Operating System, Device and More!

Analyze your campaigns with detailed click reporting By Hour, Day, Browser, Device, Platform, Country & City!

LetVidimaze PRO Version ADDS Many More FEATURES!

  Use On Multiple Sites  

With LetVidimaze Pro you will be able to deploy LetVidimaze technology on 3 domains for Gold Version and 5 domains for Platinum Version.

  Clone Campaigns  

Save time building campaigns by easily cloning campaigns that you have built in the past.

  More Designs Elements  

Advanced design settings with upto 5 font types and ability to set a background as well with opacity controls for Vidimaze Smart Video Scroll Boxes

  Remove Branding  

LetVidimaze Pro lets you remove the LetVidimaze branding from the Smart Video Scroll Boxes, making it completely BRAND FREE

10X Your CONTROL Over Your Website Visits!

Move Your Visitors To Action With PRO Features

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LetVidimaze PRO Gold

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LetVidimaze PRO Platinum

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If you have any trouble using LetVidimaze PRO Version and we fail to help you resolve the issue, or you have not been able to generate any results, we'll give you 100% of your money back. We don't offer a no questions asked refund, so please provide a genuine reason and proof that you did everything we told you before asking for a refund. Please read the sales page carefully before making a purchase, results vary for various niches and depend on various factors so they cannot be guaranteed to be the same as ours on this page. We do not promise that you are guaranteed to make money from this software.


Only Available With PRO UPGRADE During This Launch!

  • Leverage other AUTHORITY Sites To Increase Traffic
  • Single Link Sharing to all SOCIAL MEDIA Sites
  • Affiliate DREAM Solution sending traffic straight to Sellers Sites with your Smart Video Scroll playing on top
  • Build your LIST on Steroids with integrated Optin Forms
  • AUTOMATE list building with Autoresponder integration
  • Follow your visitor down the page with Smart Interactive Vidimaze Sizing Technology
  • Keep your viewers engaged with LetVidimaze Smart HOVER OVER Technology
  • Analyse Your Campaigns With Detailed REPORTS!
  • Use LetVidimaze On Multiple Sites
  • Simply CLONE campaigns to save time
  • More DESIGN elements for Vidimaze Smart Video Scroll Boxes
  • Remove LetVidimaze branding

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  91% people bought this  

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